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Masterat în Politică și Societate Europeană (lb. engleză)

Politica si Societate Europeana

MA in European Politics and Society

Program taught in English

Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS credits)

Program coordinator: Cristian Pîrvulescu

Contact person: Claudiu Craciun: claudiu.craciun@politice.ro



The MA Program is open to all graduates and professionals interested in the social and political processes in Europe and their EU-level dynamic. The Program focuses on key social and political actors - institutions, parties, trade-unions, companies, NGO’s and their interactions in shaping the national and EU institutions and policies. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the courses follow closely the interdependence of political, social, economic and environmental factors.

The program is especially well suited to explore the major challenges to the European integration process, taking a bottom-up perspective, and following  the interplay of ideas, agendas and resources at national level and how they converge in producing European trends, rules, and disruptions.  In a rather unique approach for the country and the region, the program offers new and insightful courses addressing the European social, environmental and migration issues. The program will also train the students in improving their social research and analysis skills.

To who is the program addressed?

The Program is primarily to the the political and social science graduates but also to professionals from public administration, civil society, parties and mass-media working in EU related issues and projects.

The Program will offer various mobility and extracurricular opportunities, from participation to academic debates to joining staff research projects.


Courses (selection):

Civic dialogue and social representation – political, economic and social systems in Europe - Cristian Pîrvulescu

European Union politics - Claudiu Craciun

Data analysis methods - Aurelian Muntean

Social stratification and mobility - Augustin Stoica  

Applied research of European institutions and policies - Arpad Todor

Climate change, Social movements and capitalism – Andrada Nimu

Party systems in Europe – Alexandru Radu

Varieties of capitalism - Aurelian Muntean.

The construction of the labour market and the collective negotiations institutions in Europe -  Todor Arpad.

Environmental policies and sustainable development in the EU - Todor Arpad

European and international labour law  - Radu Popescu

Immigration and asylum policy in Europe – Cristian Pirvulescu

European Union Policy – Diana Iancu

Party Organization - Claudiu Craciun

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